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We Are Player 1: Diversity Gaming Showcase

When it comes to game character and situation design, limitless potential exists to connect players with a range of experiences unlike their own, while simultaneously empowering audiences with representations of themselves.

Picking up where last year's We Are Player 1: Diversity in Gaming left off, this panel will examine industry progress in lead character design diversity over the past two years. We will also explore a variety of gaming experiences through the perspectives of several minority voices.

Join our panel for a live performance and discussion focusing on diversity in modern gaming.


  1. Why is character and situation design diversity important?
  2. How has the industry responded to criticism surrounding diversity?
  3. What are some recent examples of progress in game lead character design diversity?
  4. What is the relationship between real world treatment and character representation?
  5. How can gamers make their desires for representation known?



Develon Douglas, News Assignments Editor, Freelance Photographer, Time Warner Cable News, Vocal Visions

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