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SXSW Interactive 2015

The $2 Billion Promise of Predictive Intelligence

2 billion dollars. That’s the revenue one Fortune 500 company believes it will earn in the next two years by adding a predictive intelligence solution to its marketing and sales systems. Predictive intelligence is a big data solution that helps companies tie together billions of rows of customer touchpoint data to predict sales. Early adopters are seeing 450x growth in conversions, while most B2B enterprises are still struggling to tie the information generated from their prospects to better understand their buyer’s journey.

Leveraging her experience as a two-time successful entrepreneur in the big data space, Amanda Kahlow, joined by Joseph Puthussery, Cisco will discuss how businesses are beginning to use big data and predictive intelligence to transform into data-driven organizations by capturing that data and extracting game-changing predictive value.

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  1. What is predictive intelligence? And why should you care?
  2. What results—revenues, conversion lifts, efficiencies—have early-adopters of predictive intelligence seen?
  3. Of the vast expanse that is big data, what specific types of data—attribute, behavioral, structured, unstructured, external, internal—are the most important to predictive intelligence and therefore, growing a business?
  4. What business functions and teams have the most to benefit from predictive intelligence?
  5. What insights can you take back to your company today to become a part of the data-driven organization revolution?


  • Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6Sense
  • Joseph Puthussery, VP Marketing, Global Demand Center, Cisco


Meryl Draper, Marketing Manager, 6Sense

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