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SXSW Film 2015

Pay For Gay: Crowdfunding LGBT Film & TV

Although growing, the number of LGBT people portrayed and represented on TV and film is sparse. And yet, LBGT communities have a combined $830 billion purchasing power. So, while there may be gay characters in a film or series, they aren't real representations; characters are either written by someone outside the LGBT community and/or influenced by the politics of ratings.
So, what is a viable solution for achieving authentic LGBT representation in the media? Crowdfunding may be the answer. Platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter have proven to be a great way for LGBT people to fund independently run projects in the entertainment industry and ultimately put forth content that represents them authentically.
Join us for a lively conversation and Q&A with Cristine Cardenas (editor/associate producer - DTLA), and Brittani Nichols (blogger - Autostraddle, writer/producer - Words With Girls) as they discuss their experiences and give advice on crowdfunding LGBT content.

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  1. Does quality LGBT media content exist in the mainstream? What does/would that content look like?
  2. What does crowdfunding offer a project that TV networks and production companies don’t?
  3. What would your advice be to LGBT content creators who want to use crowdfunding to bring their project to life? Any particular things to do or avoid?
  4. So the project is funded, now what?
  5. Are you confident successful crowdsourced LGBT content is a step towards mainstream media making more authentic LGBT content? Why or why not?



Heather Carmichael, CEO, Kelleher Communications, Inc.

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