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SXSW Interactive 2015

The Future of Physical Digital Place-making

Our digital world is spilling onto our physical world. With the advent of the internet of things and the capacity of objects to have memory and intelligence, we are entering a world where physical spaces will soon have operating systems and facilitate and automate our day to day tasks. With the power of computation comes the opportunity of creating interesting ways in which people can interact with physical spaces. From understanding physical interventions that ambiently visualize data, tell stories, are create participation to exploring various interactive modes like gesture and multimodal interaction, this meetup is an attempt to bring together people interested in knowing more about physical interventions using digital technologies that solve a problem or create a sense of delight and awe. Amongst our other work, I’ll share our most recent interactive light installation for Seaholm Redevelopment Project in Austin to kickstart the conversation.

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  1. Opportunities : How can physical space and architecture keep up with the rapid growth in the consumer facing digital world. Eg, consumers moving onto online shopping versus visiting retail stores or children preferring video games over playgrounds.
  2. Interaction Modes : How do the interaction modes for web and mobile differ from those used to navigate a physical interface? What do these physical interfaces look like? How do they change our day to day behavior and attitudes towards people and spaces around us?
  3. Solutions & Prototypes : How are artists and technologists joining hands to prototype a physical/digital world? What examples best reflect this collaboration? I’ll share some examples from some of the work we’ve been doing with our experience design studio Urban Matter Inc to elaborate on this question.
  4. Emerging Technologies : What urban computing technologies are being explored? Which cities, countries, governments, corporations and citizens are on the forefront of creating physical computing infrastructure?
  5. Futurescaping : How do we envision the physical spaces of tomorrow? What do these integrated spaces look like? How does this change in our surroundings affect music, art, theater and things that appeal to our creative brain?



Shagun Singh, Principal, Urban Matter Inc

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Meet Up
  • Track: Art and Inspiration
  • Level: Intermediate
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