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All Your Gov Are Belong To Us: Gaming 4 Gov Impact

“Thousands of gamers solve complex AIDS problem in 15 days that has puzzled scientists for 15 years”
This is not a headline from Ender’s Game or a future utopia - the problem was solved years ago through an online puzzle game designed as an experimental research project. Successes like these suggest that harnessing human computation through games can provide a new resource for tackling some of our biggest challenges.
Government faces increasingly complex challenges that require individuals to make effective decisions and manage risk in dynamic settings. These skills can be costly and time-consuming. But what if there was a way to use gaming to provide these skills in a cost-effective, safe, and fun manner?
Our presentation will focus on the characteristics of games that could help address some of these tough challenges. We will also describe key components of such solutions and articulate the difference between ‘persuasive play’ and other types of games or learning interventions.

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Christian Doolin, Manager, Deloitte Consulting

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