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SXSW Interactive 2013

Getting Started with Social Data at Scale

In the five years since Twitter's "firehose" of data first entered our consciousness, social media data has become a critical part of marketing initiatives, business intelligence and even hedge fund trading algorithms. Today, all kinds of data about social activity are available in ever-growing volumes from many social networks. This has led companies of all sizes to try to gain an information advantage from consuming and analyzing social data.

There's just one problem... This is really hard!

Each of the panelists has extensive experience building systems that produce, deliver, consume and analyze social data at massive scales. They'll share their war stories, insights, tips and tricks to help you tackle the policy, technical and business problems you'll encounter when you get started consuming and analyzing large amounts of social data.

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  1. What social networks offer access to social data and how do they provide that access?
  2. What issues should you be aware of in order to maintain compliance with the Terms of Service from different providers?
  3. What are the technical challenges inherent in consuming, storing and analyzing large amounts of social data?
  4. While social data is often treated as the answer to all kinds of marketing and branding questions, it does have plenty of limitations. What are some useful business questions social data can answer?
  5. What tools and techniques are available to get started analyzing social data?


  • Hayes Davis, CEO, Union Metrics
  • Ken Little, Director of Engineering, Tumblr
  • Rob Johnson, Vice President of Product Strategy, Gnip


Hayes Davis, CEO, Union Metrics

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