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SXSW Film 2015

Navigating Social Media for Independent Filmmakers

Networking, staffing, education, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, distribution, etc. etc! While the barrier of entry for a filmmaker has never been lower, rising above the noise & standing out has never been more difficult. Understanding the business of filmmaking & how it can be serviced through social media is almost as important as honing your craft. How do you divide your time between creating & marketing? What networks are right for the audience you’re trying to reach & how do you maximize your time on them? How do you get to the core of your desired response using social media? How do you mobilize your audience? How can you be seen & heard amongst the noise from other filmmakers with the same objectives?
We will go over all social media as it relates to today’s filmmaker. From maximizing networking, staffing projects with cast and crew, marketing crowdfunding campaigns, mobilizing your social media audience to carry your message & forming an online persona people want to get behind.

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  1. Which social media sites are best for networking and which are a monumental waste of time?
  2. How can I staff my film using social media?
  3. How can I use social media to promote my crowdfunding campaign without coming across as a beggar (or everyone else promoting a crowdfunding campaign?
  4. I have a completed film. How do I get the word out? How do I mobilize my potential audience?
  5. How can I use social media to hone my craft or learn a new one entirely?


  • Richard Botto, Founder & CEO, Stage 32


Amanda Toney, Managing Partner, Stage 32

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  • Track: Tech
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