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The Ups and Downs of Austin’s Game Industry

Silicon Hills. City of the Violet Crown. Live Music Capitol of the World. Austin is one of the rare locales that has it all: AAA studios, an indie community, great tech events, journalists, and even a few game-related web series. Something about Austin’s culture attracts creatives who want to work in interactive media, and this mix of big guys, little guys, press badges, and bootstrap-no-budgeters increasingly resembles a microcosm of the game industry, with all the ups and downs that entails. How has this milieu of devs, press, and indies helped Austin’s game community grow? What problems, both unique and common to the industry, affect Austin studios? And finally, how can you create a little lightning-in-a-bottle Austin culture in your company?

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Shelley Smith, Marketing Director, Minicore Studios

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