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How To Make Good Website, Text and Email Contracts

Entrepreneurs and businesses should know how to negotiate, create and enforce contracts in the digital age. Digital tools make contract creation easy, but they also create potential liability for businesses that are not aware of contract law rules and best practices.

Consumers should know the limits of enforceability of non-negotiable contracts that they commonly encounter in shopping for goods and services. When they are threatened with the enforcement of a non-negotiable contract, they should know their legal rights and the best ways to seek inexpensive, timely and effective resolution of their contract disputes.

The cross-border nature of electronic commerce means that both businesses and consumers should understand the possible application of state, federal and international contract law to their website, email, text message and print contracts. Businesses should know what options they have to choose applicable law and a forum to resolve their contract disputes.

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Charles Martin, Author, Every1's Guide Press

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