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Whole School Transformation and Connected Learning


From 2013-15, the Center for Community Arts Partnerships is implementing the Convergence Academies —a whole school reform model in “connected learning” at two under-performing, high need, low-tech Chicago schools. In this panel, audiences will learn first hand how media artists serving as coaches and a Digital Atelier incubation lab are helping transform instructional practice, integrate digital media into unit design and connect students to interest-driven learning pathways.

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  1. to learn about an innovative new model called the digital atelier that draws on maker culture, HOMAGO theory and Reggio-Emilia inspired practices to create connected learning experiences for students - bridging informal and formal learning.
  2. To learn what steps principals need to take to integrate digital media into schools that lack basic tech infrastructure and where teachers are struggling with curriculum design, technology and Common Core.
  3. To see teachers using instructional practices based on our 6 pillars (iterative learning, play, critical response, authentic participation, collaboration, choice of expression). How do you move from last resort to becoming a school of first choice?



Mindy Faber, Co-Director, CCAP-Columbia College, Convergence Academies

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  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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