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SXSW Film 2015

The Paradox of Interactive Cinema: Screening + Q&A

We really like seeing films on the big screen. But has cinema lost its magic? We haven't seen anyone dive out of the way of a Lumière train shot in a while. And even David Lynch needs to vent about the migration of film to pocket-sized screens.

Why haven't the worlds of film and interactivity collided? What is the fate of the big screen? Why can't we find a festival to play our film? Two young filmmakers scratch the surface of these questions by screening their crowd interactive film and leading a discussion about interactive stories.

Co-directors Nolan and Máté are excited to share a revolutionary cinematic experience with folks at SXSW. Their film is called Two Strangers Meet in a Bar: audiences use their cell phones to seamlessly interact with the big screen plot in real time to affect the meeting of two complete strangers, whose lives are mysteriously connected.

Alon Benari from Interlude may attend the panel to answer questions.

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  1. Is interactive cinema a paradox? Does transmedia necessitate movement away from cinema to tiny screens and the internet? Are big screens the figurative dinosaurs of media, doomed to a dust-covered death?
  2. I'm a filmmaker, what platforms exist for me to write and make interactive films? I'm a coder, how can I contribute creatively to interactive storytelling? I want to see more films like this, who is making interactive film and how can I lend my support?
  3. What challenges, specific to interactive filmmaking, arose during production? (Writing, production, editing, coding, and more)
  4. What new story structures and types of audience engagement are possible on the web, in cinemas, and on tv?
  5. What challenges have you faced finding places to screen your film, why don't festivals consider it a film, and what does this mean about how we find and view media?



Nolan Funk, Director, Independent

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  • Tags: narrative
  • Event: Film
  • Format: Digital Domain
  • Track: Interactive Storytelling
  • Track 2
  • Level: Intermediate
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