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SXSW Interactive 2015

Technology needs latinas: bold & decision makers

In late May 2014, Google released its diversity report. As expected, the numbers were not good. Google’s technical workforce, worldwide, is 30% women. In the United States, the numbers are 2% Black and 3% Hispanic.

Being successful in technology requires challenging courses like computer science or technical design. Very few women try these male dominated degrees, and even fewer of those women are Latinas

Latinas are bold because they are decision makers, fascinated for what they do. They are entrepreneurs because their fight for their dreams and goals. Tech Latinas are those who make what they say, they're committed to contribute to make a big impact, they are inclusive, they inspire others to inspire, they know that working together and recognizing the work of others goes further. Tech latinas never betrays their ideals no matter what people say, they are confident of what they want, who never stay in the comfort zone and their mission in life is to transcend.

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  1. Few technology companies are bold enough to release their diversity numbers, and companies like Google are doing this but the numbers are much different at other giant technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook, etc. Women only make up about 25 percent of STEM jobs and have even lower representation in tech alone. The lack of women in the tech workforce goes beyond it starts in high school, so why is this happening why are a few women and Latina leaders in Technology?
  2. Much has been written about the rapid population growth of Hispanics. Few recently reported that the Hispanic population in the United States has increased by a factor of six since 1970. This represents not just a massive increase in the number of Hispanic people but also a massive increase in Hispanic households. And Latinas make most of the purchasing decisions in those households. Do Latinas are excellent technology professionals and technology leaders?
  3. Women represent nearly 50% of the labor force and are improving their financial status. Many women will not wait for the traditional corporate ladder to come to them. "Paying their dues" is unappealing. Moreover, women are adamant about balancing their work, personal and family needs. If they must leave IT organizations to do so, while creating their own businesses and moving into other professions, they will. How technology can empower women to make what they love?
  4. Boldness, decisiveness, and fluency are vitally important to providing the innovation that drives technology. How women can empower themselves to use this factors to create something?
  5. Women in our society are encouraged to embrace engineering and technical professions and through those professions, learn the skills of leadership. Women use their leadership skills to influence the ways in which technology is designed and implemented, focusing on significant practical solutions to problems that trouble them. How Latinas can use different tools in technology to execute their goals and really make a change in the world?


  • Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez, CEO & Founder, Epic Queen
  • Daniela Victoria González , Cofounder, Epic Queen


Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez, CEO & Founder, Epic Queen

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