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SXSW Interactive 2013

The Mobile Equation: A Successful Strategic Model

★ Find your niche in the mobile market with a model that clarifies the relationship between your business objective, new technologies, and the audience you wish to reach.

★ Gain a realistic understanding of consumer behavior with findings from third-party research, prototyping, and interviews with both in-aisle smart phone users and the corporate businesspeople trying to influence them.

★ Learn from positive and negative examples, and decide how your idea fits into the mobile equation.

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  1. ☆ Native or web? It seems that it would be most cost-effective and far-reaching to reuse our mobile website to build a "hybrid app" for the app store. Are there any drawbacks to this plan? Is there a rule of thumb for whether to build a web app or a native app?
  2. ☆ How much should we invest in mobile? Should we scrap our current website and rebuild it responsively? We have a Digby site; isn't that good enough? I hear all the time that mobile is catching up, but our mobile site hits are so low; is it really worth the investment? I'm really excited about mobile; how do I get internal buy-in?
  3. ☆ What are good leads to follow? It seems that Target, Walmart, and all the big brands are handling mobile more or less the same way. Is there any point in trying to out-innovating the major players? What are examples of really good, successful mobile strategies? How do we determine which ideas would work for our own business? Mobile seems pretty clear-cut for retailers, but what about manufacturers and services? How do we compete for audience?
  4. ☆ How is mobile affecting other channels? How has merchandising changed now that people can research products in-aisle? Should we make an effort to segregate our web and in-store products so that people don't try to negotiate prices at the register? Do we need to worry about making our email templates mobile-friendly? I check email on my phone all the time, so I imagine other people do too, but I can hardly find any data on mobile email best practices.
  5. ☆ How do we test our mobile strategy? I think we've got a good strategy, but how can we be sure before we make a huge investment? Do we need a designer on our mobile team, or can we get by with developers?



Dave Yeats, User Experience Researcher, Bazaarvoice

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  • Tags: strategy, user experience
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Intermediate
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