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Chicks Making Out: Monetizing Niche Web Content

Wanna know the secret to making money with creative content on the web? No, it's not porn: it's niche storytelling.

Everyone wants to see themselves reflected in the stories we consume. Minority audiences are hungry for quality storytelling that respects their life experiences. Once you know how to tell those stories, you have the responsibility and privilege of harnessing that audience and involving them in the process by inviting them to greenlight future content with their subscription dollars. You get to create the content you want; they get to see the content they crave. Everyone wins.

In this panel, 2 case studies for web content monetization will be discussed, including the model for, a website dedicated to producing original lesbian content while lifting up artists who cater to the lesbian community. We will also showcase, a large aggregate site that also invites lesbian artists to post their own content for a cut of the profits.

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Christin Baker, CEO, tello, LLC

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