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Engaging Government For Fun, Profit, and Meaning

The opening of government has already yielded new tools that can help citizens to start their own businesses and engage in successful projects, while helping the government and the market operate more efficiently. This panel will explore how and why citizens can participate in and benefit from government's recent forays into the digital landscape.
Panelists will discuss the offerings from The National Archive (which hosts the Citizen Archivist Dashboard), the USDA (which hosts MyPlate Super Tracker and Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass), Health and Human Services (which hosts more than 250 health-related data sets), GSA (which runs Challenge.Gov) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which helps set standards for financial data). We will talk about how citizens, and increasingly entrepreneurs, can turn leverage government to help create new tools and launch companies, make more informed decisions, and engage in meaningful work.

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Gadi Ben-Yehuda, Social Media Director, IBM Center for the Business of Government

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