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Using Your Online Network to Get a Job #IRL

We’ve all digitally stalked hiring managers before: followed them on Twitter, sent a Facebook friend request, liked their Instagram photos, Highlighted them, sent an InMail, name-dropped common connections. But, does it actually work, and how do the hiring managers perceive this? Then there is that awkward moment when you are at a networking event and you recognize the hiring manager you’ve been digitally stalking. And, you don’t know if you should approach them and introduce yourself as your alter ego, tinyrobots512, or pretend you don’t know them, or spew out all of their recent tweets. What is appropriate? We’ll discuss how to build and maintain professional relationships digitally, and how to transcend them into relationships, #IRL, and most importantly, into jobs or new hires #IRL. Additionally, we will provide tips on how to use your online network to glean information on job satisfaction, to predict turnover, and to determine if the potential job or new hire is a good match.

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Jocelyn Lai, Talent Acquisition Manager, GSD&M

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