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SXSW Music 2015

The Devil You Don't Know: Artists & Direct Deals

Major labels and publishers tout the benefits of “direct deals” and “free market rates.” But are they telling artists the whole story? While it’s possible that direct deals might lead to higher rates, it’s just as likely that the opposite will occur, as rightsholders rush to undercut one another. Artists would cede leverage to just a handful of powerful industry players, with no guarantee bigger paydays. At a time where we desperately need more transparency, are direct deals a step in the opposite direction? This panel will examine the issues at play in Washington DC, and in the marketplace and what they might mean for the most important players in the space: music creators.

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  1. How might direct deals impact songwriters who have come to depend on fair splits?
  2. Can a weakened PRO still provide value to their songwriter members?
  3. Are the direct deals between Clear Channel and big labels undermining rates for digital streams?
  4. What kind of royalty structures are beneficial to musicians and songwriters?
  5. How is the government responding to increasing pressure from a handful of big companies?



Casey Rae, VP for Policy & Education, Future of Music Coalition

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