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SXSW Music 2015

Aphex Twin and The New Way To Use Kickstarter

In the spring of 2014, over 4000 Aphex Twin fans organized on Kickstarter to purchase and distribute the “holy grail of electronic music” — a rare test pressing of Aphex Twin’s unreleased Caustic Window LP. They successfully raised over $67,000, and worked with the artist’s label to secure proper licensing.

The Aphex Twin project is just one example of the great new ways that artists, labels, and fans can use Kickstarter beyond traditional album funding. Our panelists will discuss how artists and online communities can work together on Kickstarter to do amazing things in music — everything from rethinking the concert experience to rescuing classic albums from oblivion.

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  1. What made the Aphex Twin project such a success on Kickstarter and what about it resonated?
  2. How can Kickstarter be used to break free from the traditional album release cycle?
  3. How can Kickstarter be used as a distribution platform?
  4. What new opportunities does Kickstarter present for community building online?
  5. What are ways to engage fans beyond simply asking them to buy a record?


  • Hayley Rosenblum, Music Community Manager, Kickstarter
  • James Thomas, Webmaster, WATMM
  • DJ QBert (Richard Quitevis), CEO, Thud Rumble
  • Seth Olinsky, Co-fouder Lightning, Musician / Composer / Guitar Shredder, Lightning Records


Hayley Rosenblum, Music Community Manager, Kickstarter

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  • Event: Music
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: How To/DIY
  • Level: Beginner
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