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SXSW Film 2015

Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys

I'd like to present the ideas from my viral article, "Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys: why we may be the real villains for playing along", as stand-up.
This would be a sister performance to my 2014 Future15 stand-up performance of "The Digital Recession."
I would like to discuss the trends of blockbuster filmmaking, why Iron Man 2 and 3 aren't sequels but are actually remakes of Iron Man 1, why we love watching explosions in Gotham but hate them in Boston, and why humans are still paying to see the same movies.

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  1. If the bad guys are fictional sadists, and the audience are really the ones that pay to see James Bond tortured, does that make us the bad guys?
  2. Why do we only enjoy watching human suffering behind the one-way-mirrors of TV?
  3. How much longer will audiences pay to see a cool, white guy overcome impossible odds?
  4. If a blockbusters continue to obey the formulas of blockbusters will they lose their adventurousness?
  5. Has the film industry become a factory farm, assembly-lining nearly identical films, too big to care?



Jim Cummings, Producer, Ornana films

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