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SXSW Music 2013

Musician Tools that Matter

The music business has changed. And keeps changing. We will talk with some of the most successful folks building, investing in and using the tools that are making a real impact in the day to day lives of musicians. We’ll dig in to what creates real value, a great user experience, new revenue and more fans. Emphasis will be placed on Q&A from the audience in order to learn what is and isn’t working for folks.

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  1. Targeting the Musician on the Panel: What are some tools that you use and add real value in your day to day life? What is the tool that you wish you had that doesn't yet exist?
  2. Targeting the Venture Capitalist on the Panel: What are the traits that you seek out in identifying and getting behind a prospective new product or company? What are checkboxes that you need to see before you get involved?
  3. Targeting the App-Developers: How do you get insight as to what tools to build? What are the greatest challenges/constraints in the development process?
  4. What are the greatest opportunities for musicians and where do the greatest challenges remain? If you were advising an emerging musician who is just getting started, what tools and approach would you recommend?
  5. To the group: What do you see as the overall trend or direction of artist apps/tools in 2012/2013?



Chris Wiltsee, Director of Business Development, BandPage

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