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SXSWedu 2015

Historic Black Towns Hiding in Plain Sight

Describe how Historic Black Towns and Settlements (HBTS) grew in Texas after emancipation, and with the help of Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald, the growth of African American education in rural areas added to the strength of these communities.

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  1. Describe how HBTS grew in Texas post-Civil War.
  2. Describe and illustrate how Dr. BT Washington and Julius Rosenwald, George W. Brackenridge and Dr. WB Bell all contributed to black education in rural Texas until desegregation.
  3. Describe how HBTS in Texas can use their rich history to bring visitors and growth to these historic towns. Maintaining cultural resources and historic structures and landscapes is key.



Ellen Hunt, Architect, Ellen Pulner Hunt Architect, Inc.

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  • Tags: history
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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