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SXSW Film 2015

Reboots & Retcons: A GeekFamily Guide to Film

Why do they have to play with our cherished childhood memories? Whether it’s the retcon of Star Wars or the reboot of Star Trek no one seems to be able to leave well enough alone. Creatives from George Lucas to J.J. Abrams seem to think that the cinema is their personal playground to twist as they see fit.
In this panel discussion, the writers of GeekDad and GeekMom will discuss the long history of rebooting movie franchises and changing continuity to suite a particular creators vision, and how it can work against the fandom, even while improving it’s immediate popular appeal.

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  1. How do the fans view changing continuities?
  2. Can rebooting a franchise end up destroying it?
  3. Why are Broadway revivals cheered and welcomed but Hollywood revivals are often reviled?
  4. Why not just continue a storyline rather than rebooting?
  5. Are reboots confusing to kids and should you show them only one version?



Jason CranfordTeague, Core Contributor, GeekDad

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