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The Power of Teacher-focused Technology

Despite abundant research about the vital role of teachers on student outcomes, most edtech offering seek to supplant educators as instructors. LearnZillion, however, has a very different approach. Learn what can happen when edtech deepens teachers' instructional capacity by breaking down silos and championing expertise through task-based PD. Hear about the impact this approach has had on students, teaching careers, and educational cultures at a building, state, and national level.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about free and paid resources that can support a culture of instructional excellence in your school or district
  2. Understand the critical role of task-based PD in ensuring success with Common Core implementation
  3. Get inspired by what's possible when we accentuate the positive rather than fixate on the negative in our schools



Claire Alexander, VP, Marketing & Customer Experience, LearnZillion

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