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The Top 10 Web Music Companies of 2013

Over the past two years, $662 Million has been invested in web music companies. The integration of social media & geolocation applications with devices, coupled with the low cost of entry thanks to the proliferation of APIs, and more licensing options available, are giving more developers the courage to enter this notoriously difficult market.

Todd Tate, Community Architect for the popular SF MusicTech Summit, will moderate a quick-fire session on the Top 10 Music Web, Social, and Mobile companies. The panel will consist of some of the most experienced web music technology industry entrepreneurs, journalists, and investors.

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  1. Who are these Top 10 companies and what is their reach?
  2. Are these Top 10 companies funded? Bootstrapped? Making money? Is it a loss-leader to enable the sale of something else? Business model sustainable? Game changer?
  3. Is it legal? Does it use the DMCA as a defense of legality? If it is an interactive service, are the licenses secured?
  4. Is it a service for musicians, fans or both? Who does it benefit more financially or culturally?
  5. What is the most popular music / app / site of 2013 going to be? What led you to your decision?



Todd Tate, Community Architect, SF MusicTech Summit

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