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SXSW Film 2015

What Big Data Can Tell Us About Big Movie Trailers

What makes a movie trailer a hit? Why do some get millions of viral views online, while others are ignored? Most importantly, do big trailer views translate into box office success? With the ability to easily promote and share brand content on YouTube, fans play a huge role in driving the success of a film – now more than ever. This session will explore how the popularity and fan engagement of YouTube trailers and videos relate to box office numbers.

Leading software platform ZEFR is analyzing the countless movie trailers on YouTube and uncovering what makes certain movie trailers go viral. The company has noticed a distinct correlation between the amount of fan-uploaded content to the ultimate visibility of a film franchise online. In fact, views of fan-uploaded content often outnumber views of official content by a ratio of 10:1. How much does this fan engagement impacts the overall success of a film, and what that means for filmmakers?

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  1. Why do certain movie trailers succeed while others fail?
  2. What are the components of a successful movie trailer?
  3. Why does fan-uploaded content matter to a movie?
  4. Why are YouTube views of trailers growing so rapidly?
  5. Do big trailer views translate into box office success?



Roger Johnson, PR Contact, ZEFR

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