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SXSW Music 2015

Be Your Own Label: Navigate Success on Your Terms

You are in a band and are ready to put out new music but you find yourself not signed. How will you get the album released? No matter if it is your 1st or your 5th release, this panel will focus on creating success and having options as your business grows. We will focus on managing and communicating to your fan base for fan engagement "best-practices". We will offer options for distribution and how to make your music available everywhere. As your fan base and business grows, we will suggest a "check list" for building the right team around you to serve the needs traditionally found within a label. This panel will offer ways on how to find success on your own terms while keeping your rights.

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  1. I am in a band and we are ready to put out new music but we are not currently signed to a label. How will I get the album released?
  2. How can my band be successful by putting out releases without a label and what are my options as my business grows?
  3. I want to get my music on Spotify and iTunes, what are my options for digital distribution and how do I make music available everywhere? What about making cd's or vinyl and getting those into stores?
  4. What are the "best-practices" I need to focus on with our "direct-to-fan" efforts to best communicate to our fan base around our release? What should I offer them?
  5. Since I don't have a label, who are the key people I need to find to help me put out my music and to best help my business grow?



Jay Coyle, Music Geek, Music Geek Services

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