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Hacking better transatlantic work relationships

"We use the same words but don't always talk the same language." Have you noticed how there are more Brits and Irish in the US than ever, working for US digital businesses, launching startups, making their ideas happen? And because we all use the same words, there’s often the assumption we speak the same language. But it’s not that simple in business; whether it’s pitching, hiring, selling or networking, there’s many cultural nuances that if overlooked could jeopardize relationships. We’re assembling a panel of voices from both sides of the Atlantic: a writer/ creative consultant; the founder of New York Digital Irish; an Irish tech entrepreneur now in San Francisco; and a New York founder of a cross-cultural consulting firm. We’ll explore how you can work better and smarter to get more out of relationships with your transatlantic teams and co-workers. Whether you’re a US business with a UK office, or a startup looking to set up on the other side of the Atlantic, come along!




Ian Sanders, Founder, The Ian Sanders Company Ltd

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