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Our Brain Didn't Account For Big Data. What Now?

Today we are confronted by a newfound tsunami of consumable, computable data – zettabytes of an unending assault of facts, opinions, posts, ads, graphs, memes, photos, and more.

But our brains and bodies were never designed to live in such an environment. The typical human mind has trouble remembering more than seven facts at a time. Most of us cannot do sophisticated regressions, statistics, and correlation analyses in our heads – yet, that is precisely what we must do to understand the flood of information at our fingertips. Evolutionarily speaking, it’s all too much. Two decades is not enough to rewire brains that took millions of years to develop. So what are we to do?

Arnab Gupta, CEO of Opera Solutions, will argue that the answer lies in partnering with machines in new and powerful ways. Expanding on the themes he raised in his 2012 SXSW presentation, Gupta will explore cutting-edge trends in research, science, and business to bring the man/machine partnership to life.

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Shahed Ahmed, Vice President, Opera Solutions

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