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SXSWedu 2015

Building the Ed-Tech Bridge

To build better EdTech we need collaboration between teachers and EdTech entrepreneurs. Last year at SXSW we promised to create a resource to bridge the gap between the two groups. From that session came #edtechbridge: a weekly chat that asks teachers and EdTech professionals to share practices, tackle problems, and work together. This year, we’ll host a conversation on the successes and challenges of building a teacher-entrepreneur community and what it means to make great EdTech together.

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  1. What successes and challenges did we find when building the #EdTechBridge community? We will discuss how these findings are indicative of greater teacher and EdTech entrepreneur culture.
  2. How do teachers and entrepreneurs need to disrupt their own processes in order to collaborate? We’ll share our observations and engage in a group dialogue.
  3. We say we want teacher-entrepreneur collaboration on EdTech, but what kind of effort, action, and participation does this really mean? We will discuss the next steps of communities like #EdTechBridge as a group.



Katya Hott, Project Manager, BrainPOP

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  • Tags: community
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Core Conversation
  • Track: Leadership & Empowerment
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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