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Education Locations: Shifting Learning for Adults

We are three entrepreneurial educators who access and interact with our audiences in very different ways. However, we share several distinct philosophies that we feel represent the future of self-directed education: (a) the distributional natures of our educational venues (online business group & classes, indie book publisher, literature podcast host & author),
(b) the values of the communities we've built and fostered,
(c) and their distinct differences from traditional educational venues.

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  1. It's All About Location—learn to choose a venue that suits your material, goals, & objectives. Does your content lend itself to print, audio, an online forum, or to automagical digital delivery? We'll share how we found answers—& what steps to use.
  2. Decide on Access—learn to get your audience to work with you, find your "right people", and spread the word—all while managing the balancing act between audience access and your real life; your online persona vs. your "real" self (TMI vs Cipher).
  3. Community Building—how to help learners help themselves, support adult learning in organically-built communities, and use "spoons-full of sugar" to get the Ed down. Groups can devolve into snark; our communities haven't. What we did right (and not).



Shannon Okey, Publisher & CEO, Cooperative Press

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