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SXSW Film 2013

The 9/11 Museum: A Platform for Storytelling

Jake Barton, founding principal of Local Projects, a Manhattan-based media design firm, will take us inside his studio's design process for the interactive exhibits of the National September 11 Museum at the former World Trade Center site which is currently under construction. His team wrestled with ways of using digital tools to solicit, compose and convey individuals' experiences. His multidisciplinary crew of designers, filmmakers, and writers worked together to invent new techniques to weave stories into the environment and to present the unfinished narrative of those chaotic days. In conversation with Leslie Wolke, a writer on technology and design, Jake will share what he has learned about collaborative storytelling, crowdsourcing and curation -- and how museums can transform into platforms for collecting and channeling personal narratives. This glimpse into the design process midstream will offer a unique chance to discuss how teams collaborate and concepts evolve within the course of a project.

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  1. How can social and digital media transform the meaning of "museum" and the roles of visitors to museums?
  2. How can the art and techniques of film-making be applied to a physical space, such as a museum?
  3. What can we learn from visitors' experiences in the virtual 9/11 museum (http://www.911memorial.org) where oral histories have been collected for years and what can we learn from visitors' experiences in the real-world museum on the WTC site -- how do these experiences compare?
  4. How does journalism transition into history through the use of digital media?
  5. What skills/disciplines are most relevant in interdisciplinary projects like these? Do traditional skills such as linear film-making and narrative writing have a place in digital storytelling?



Leslie Wolke, Consultant and Writer, Leslie Wolke Consulting

Meta Information:

  • Event: Film
  • Format: Digital Domain Session
  • Track: Case Study
  • Level: Intermediate
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