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Coding Across the Curriculum

Computer programming is quickly becoming an important problem-solving mindset and expected 21st century literacy. But how should we teach these skills to students in disciplines like communication, humanities, business and the arts? By reaching students in a range of disciplines, we can offer coding skills to more women and minorities who can provide new approaches and solutions. Different techniques, examples and support will be needed to reach these audiences with coding skills.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the benefits of coding to various professionals as they relate to using data, developing engaging experiences and telling interactive stories.
  2. Identify the objectives and challenges associated with teaching programming in various disciplines.
  3. Understand the ways that teaching coding is different for majors other than computer science? How should examples and tutorials be structured to represent different contexts? What level of support needs to be provided in workshop and lab settings?



Cindy Royal, Associate Professor, Texas State University

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