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SXSW Interactive 2013

Pop Up Archive: Build an Archive and Make it Count

For public media, digital archiving is synonymous with innovation. Organizing digital content not only makes it easier to store and find — it enables producers to see new and innovative juxtapositions. Standardized data create possibilities for remixing, reuse, and collaboration with other producers, exposition through cutting edge web technologies, and sharing with new audiences.

So, let’s archive. In this workshop we invite media creators and digital humanists to join us as we walk through taking archival content from the shelf (or local file) to the web. We encourage workshoppers to consider archiving not only finished pieces but also raw footage and ancillary media to make the most of their collections. We’ll instruct participants on how to install Omeka on their servers, create or import records, organize their collections, seamlessly upload files to services like the Internet Archive and SoundCloud, and create web expositions of their content.

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  1. What additional sources of revenue and audiences can archives create?
  2. How can you visualize and curate your collection using technologies like popcorn.js?
  3. How can archiving help you distribute your content more efficiently?
  4. How can archives help you remix and collaborate with other producers?
  5. What are metadata and standardization and why are they important to you?



Bailey Smith, New Product Developer, Pop Up Archive

Meta Information:

  • Tags: media, radio
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Content and Distribution
  • Level: Intermediate
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