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SXSWedu 2015

The Coded Curriculum: A Year In Review

In September 2013, Beaver Country Day School became the first school in the US to implement computer programming into its core curriculum. This panel will share the insights and challenges teachers faced as they introduced coding concepts to students across subjects and analyze strategies for continued curriculum development. Panelists will evaluate Beaver’s work to measure the success of this program and demonstrate how other schools can adopt similar models to expose every student to coding.

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  1. Learn how to integrate computer programming into middle and high school curriculums by analyzing examples of how teachers at Beaver organically introduced coding concepts into everyday classes like English, calculus and art.
  2. Understand the pros & cons of a coded curriculum based on what Beaver learned during its first year implementing this program. Explore ways that this teaching style can be further developed and learn how to measure the success of a coded curriculum.
  3. Discover the ways a coded curriculum enhances critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills by encouraging students to think creatively. Equip students with these “new basics” to ensure they’re prepared for the 21st century workplace.



Jacqui Johnstone, Account Manager, BIGfish Communications

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  • Tags: coding
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Systemic Implementation & Scale
  • Level: Field Experience
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