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Say Goodbye to Corporate Marketing as You Know It

Traditionally, marketing has been about defining a brand’s key messages and finding clever and interesting ways to broadcast them. But it's no longer enough to connect eyeballs to ads; today's marketers must connect people to people. That means going social and saying goodbye to the traditional approach. Marketers must go beyond their internal team of specialists and realize that, in the social world, everyone from the CEO to the local employee is a marketer. That shift in thinking opens up unprecedented opportunities while creating new challenges, because it's hard to control brand messaging with so many extra voices.

In this session, Hearsay Social CEO and renowned author, Clara Shih, will lay out examples from the best practitioners of social marketing. She will also share valuable tales of what not to do. This session is designed to empower attendees to think outside of the box and get truly social.

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  1. How do you define paid media, owned media, and earned media in the social media era?
  2. What are the risks involved in letting every employee--from executives and board members down to local salespeople--engage directly with the public on social media?
  3. How can a company manage those risks?
  4. What are the benefits involved in empowering individual employees as brand ambassadors on social media?
  5. How will the role of CMO or VP of Marketing change over the next decade?



Ronny Kerr, Social Media Marketing Manager, Hearsay Social

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