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Fresh Prince + Downton Abbey: A Perfect Engagement

Director of post production at Michael Schaubach and composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt will examine the process of creating online hits like "The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey" and "Katy Perry Puppet Sex" as an example of how to Collaborate to attract, engage, and keep viewers for the long-haul.
Online series and original content is on the rise, and attracting and keeping viewers is getting harder. Increasing the value of your videos by using custom music will not only show your viewers that you are creating a serious, high-quality production, it will also enhance the content. Working with a composer will get you specific results like original themes, tension builds, and hitting comedic moments, whether developing an original piece of music or creating a mashup. This session will explore how to get more views, how to symbiotically work with a composer to get the most engaging video product, and the logistics of working with a composer remotely.

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  1. Why should I hire a composer, and how much will it cost me?
  2. How will original music make my video even more of a huge hit?
  3. How does a composer work and what should I expect them to do for my video?
  4. What makes a composer tick and how can I avoid it?
  5. How involved can or should I be in the scoring process?



Cheryl Engelhardt, Composer, CBE Music

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