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SXSW Music 2015

Acoustic Cafe + SongCraft Presents

Before the panel, songwriter Ben Arthur will write brand new songs with 2 SXSW artists, while host of the syndicated radio program Acoustic Cafe (which airs on 90+ stations in the US for 3 million weekly listeners), Rob Reinhart, will interview the artists and document the process.
At the panel we will discuss songwriting, creativity on the fly, radio, and the impact of social media on production schedules, and the featured artists will perform their brand news songs.
Music videos of the new songs will be launched within a few weeks of the festival, and segments about the artists and the songs will air on Acoustic Cafe.

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  1. Artist 1, have you ever done songwriting-under-deadline like this before? Was it better or worse than you expected? How did the song turn out, in your mind?
  2. Artist 2, you collaborated with Ben, an artist you'd never met before that day -- was that uncomfortable...or exciting? Does the song sound like you, or like a mix of you and Ben?
  3. Acoustic Cafe airs for 3 million people per week; we'll air a few songs from your catalog to introduce the new song: what songs best represent your work, and why?
  4. Social media demands that artists constantly put new work in front of their audience or risk being forgotten (or at least that's the fear): how do you cope with this in a natural way?
  5. This project was sponsored by a number of corporations -- in the post-Bob-Dylan-shills-for-Victoria-Secret world, what limits, if any, do you put on your own sponsor interactions?



Ben Arthur, Songwriter, SongCraft Presents

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