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And Now a Tweet from Your CEO

These days you can connect with everyone from the Dalai Lama to Justin Bieber via Twitter. But, there’s one group who you rarely find on Twitter -- Fortune 100 CEOs. In this 60-minute solo, Aetna Chairman, CEO and President Mark T. Bertolini shares his experiences as a social CEO. While the 160-year-old, highly-regulated company he leads redefines risk management and evolves into a social organization, Bertolini sees and tweets the results of that culture change first-hand. Hear the good, the bad and the ugly of making direct connections – from a CEO who started his own Twitter account and continues to personally Tweet. Learn how going social can enhance the credibility of corporate leadership and humanize the role of the CEO, and how interacting directly with the public has helped inform Bertolini’s views on creating a consumer-friendly health care system.

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Elizabeth Sell, Director of Communications , Aetna

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