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SXSW Interactive 2013

How to Turn Brand Advocates into a Marketing Force

In the social media age, power has shifted from advertising’s Mad Men to millions of passionate Brand Advocates. Their trusted recommendations are driving purchase decisions for trillions of dollars in sales of cars to computers; soap to software; hotel rooms to home appliances; fitness memberships to fish tacos; and more. In this presentation, advocacy expert Rob Fuggetta shows marketers and business leaders how to identify Brand Advocates; energize them to spread positive Word of Mouth and drive sales; and track results from advocacy programs. Plus, Rob will present real-world case studies about how companies like Intuit, CDW, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill and many others are leveraging their most enthusiastic customers to spread positive Word of Mouth and drive sales.

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  1. How do brands identify their Advocates?
  2. What are the characteristics and motivations of Brand Advocates?
  3. What are various ways to energize Brand Advocates?
  4. How do you track results of advocacy programs?
  5. What are some brand advocacy success stories?


  • Rob Fuggetta, Author, Founder/CEO, Zuberance


Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Content and Distribution
  • Level: Intermediate
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