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The Middle East's Role in Climate Change

Gas production and consumption are skyrocketing worldwide as prices drop and countries like China face the crippling impact of coal and other fossil fuels on its citizens and the environment.

In the US, the debate over hydro-fracking to extract gas from shale often portrays natural gas explorers as poor partners for environmental causes.
But in the United Arab Emirates, Badr Jafar, the President of the first private gas company in that country, believes that the gas industry is the best partner for an eco-friendly future.

Jafar envisions gas as a useful bridge technology between crude oil and new-generation energy technologies that are genuinely renewable. He sees the potential of a forward-thinking Middle East at the forefront of creating a more environmentally friendly gas industry.

This solo presentation would draw on his experience leading Crescent Enterprises to discuss how a new generation of energy producers in the Middle East is moving beyond the OPEC era.


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Nancy Peckenham, Editor, Bridges Media Consultants

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