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Using analogous experiences to drive innovation

Have you practiced stealing lately? Your mother told you that stealing is against the rules? Well, too bad. If you want to come up with amazing ideas and solve some of the world’s toughest problems, it’s time to break that rule. We won’t tell your mother if you don’t.

What can disneyland teach us about a chemotherapy waiting room?

What can crossfit teach us about redesigning a charter school?

In this workshop we’ll play a series of games that will teach us to break apart the process of scouting, stealing and repurposing in order to magnify your ability to look for, find, and use outside inspiration. You’ll be given ‘missions’ to execute both during the workshop and if you choose, during the rest of the conference. You’ll be armed and ready to take in the rest of the conference with your inspiration antenna tuned in to a whole new frequency.

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  1. How to sharpen your senses to better notice opportunities for analogous inspiration
  2. Techniques for framing what you want to inspire and how to get started
  3. How to distill what you see into components that can be translated from one context to another
  4. Methods and tools for taking what you’ve found and applying it your own challenge or situation in an actionable way



Mekayla Beaver, Design / Innovation Consultant, Gloworm

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