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Mohawk and the Milky Way: eBook is Not a Website

As the shadow of night falls across the American West a lone man begins his work. Far from the confines, calamity, and culture of society, multimedia artist and storyteller Jeff Frost sifts through the visual dregs of places and people who once were.
In conversation with Dan Milnor, Blurb photographer, Frost will share his journey to create a rich media ebook comprised of his still and motion photography, music, stories, and the structures he paints.
Part real-world (agony and the ecstasy of the tools available today), part incredibly immersive (experience the produced ebook), and part practical (how did he do that?), this experience will offer revealing insights as Frost and Milnor discuss the attributes and merits of this new medium. Not a book, not a website – but a new connected, open, social, visual, and participatory experience. Join the conversation and help us define this experience.

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  1. How is an ebook different from a website?
  2. What media types make up a rich media ebook?
  3. How does an ebook compliment a print book?
  4. How can an ebook help an artists bottom line/business?
  5. Does having the ability to create a rich media ebook influence the art you create?



Brenna Lewis, Senior Marketing Manager, Events & Experiential , Blurb Inc.

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