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SXSW Interactive 2013

The Not-So-Distant Future of Graphic Novels

Storytelling is a human activity. It is in our nature to tell stories, share experiences and express what goes on in our imaginations to others. Over time, storytelling has evolved on a massive scale. Comics and graphic novels have their own unique form of story telling. From X-Men and Spiderman to The Walking Dead and Sin City, there has been a clear evolution in the comic industry from simple narrative to complex saga.

Last year alone, the estimated sales for comics was an astounding $690 million dollars. What’s the next step in the evolution of storytelling?

From paper comics to a touchscreen interactive experience, the next step in the comic industry is on the horizon and the ability to directly interact with the product of your imagination is coming to a device near you. Join comic industry expert Steve Yatson as he discusses what’s next in the evolution of comics.

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  1. How do interactive graphic novels represent a natural evolution in illustrative storytelling?
  2. Do we have a clear definition of what a digital graphic novel is yet, or is it still a medium that's in the process of being invented?
  3. Where is the technology going to come from and what are the tools used to create the graphic novels?
  4. What does this means for the comic industry — what are the pros and cons? How does the industry adapt?
  5. Where do you see this all leading to — what are comics going to look like in, say, 2020?


  • Steve Yatson, Senior Director, Productivity and Graphics Group, Smith Micro Software, Smith Micro Software


Evie Carter, Senior Account Manager, FortyThree PR

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