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Unfuck Your Process: Make Responsive Design Work

Mobile has exploded. Building sites the old way isn’t an option any more. You have to do something. Responsive design offers a way to avoid building multiple versions of the same site. You’ve probably read a number of discussion groups or it talked about it in theory but probably not seen it executed first hand.

We’ve been through it. In this talk, you’ll find a technologist, user experience designer and content strategist who will explain how responsive design should be planned out and executed.

We’ll also cover how this approach to design affects each of our respective disciplines and how we reimagined our working environment by blowing away traditional process.

Learn the benefits of designing a single implementation and single content stream that works in all environments. We’ll show you how to execute your next (or first!) responsive design process from our positive and painful lessons learned.

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  1. How to reconfigure your team and roles to fit responsive design
  2. Tips for heading into a responsive design project
  3. How to prepare content for a responsive environment
  4. How to assess if a project is worthy of responsive design
  5. How to adjust your usual process to fit a responsive design project



Ralph Brandi, Sr. Presentation Layer Developer, Razorfish

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