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SXSW Interactive 2013

Selling Free: The Porn Industry's New Economy

This session will focus on the evolution of the online adult entertainment industry, but the lessons it imparts will serve to guide all digital media producers and marketers through today’s changing consumer marketplace.

The confluence of events leading to the shift from pre-recorded porn to live interactive adult entertainment as the industry's primary revenue stream will be discussed, as will the role of technology in this equation and the double-edged sword it has become.

The cyclical shift in consumer media purchasing habits, which went from overwhelming spending to an underwhelming reluctance to spend, is now finding a balance, which will also be explored — along with how the rise of mobile usage is impacting this process and how coming advancements may serve to further reshape the digital media playing field.

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  1. How is the porn industry adapting to a predominately free porn market?
  2. Has technology devalued recorded content and enabled its live interactive counterpart?
  3. Has live interactive entertainment proven the panacea the industry had hoped for?
  4. Is mobile reversing consumers’ unwillingness to pay for porn?
  5. Do technologies such as 3D, augmented reality and haptics present a real opportunity for the industry?


  • Stephen Yagielowicz, Senior Analyst, XBIZ


Stephen Yagielowicz, Senior Analyst, XBIZ

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