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Pushing Mobile Payments Mainstream

Due to new retail payment options, shoppers want an increase in value, mobility, choice and personalized offers. However, retailers are holding back these options due to slow adoption rates. Retailers are waiting to invest in the new technology until they see a great consumer demand for mobile payments and consumers are waiting for a clearly established merchant network that exists before they adopt it. This is creating an impasse with no movement forward.

To evolve the payments industry and push adoption, retailers need to understand why consumers are pushing for mobile payments and the opportunities it brings such as an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. Merchants who implement mobile payments now are better positioned to adopt and succeed with the introduction of future payments.
In this session, Henry Helgeson, co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, and Andrew Boch, Head of Operations of LevelUp, will discuss the steps needed to push mobile payments into the mainstream.

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Kristina Scuoteguazza, Account Coordinator, SHIFT Communications

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