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Inclusion & Diversity: Democratizing Conservation

This panel, moderated by an environmental journalist, will feature a lively discussion between Toyota TogetherGreen project leaders and representatives from Audubon and Toyota as they examine the direct correlation between projects that engage new and diverse audiences and conservation success. The project leaders will share implementable lessons and reflections from their efforts working with a wide range of communities, from ranchers in North Dakota to gated communities in Virginia.

High biological diversity is a sign of healthy ecosystems. Similarly, conservation efforts that bring together a wide diversity of people not only improve the environment on which humans and wildlife depend, but also enrich society. In 2008, Audubon and Toyota partnered to launch the Toyota TogetherGreen program, an initiative that develops environmental leadership, funds community-based conservation projects around the country, and engages traditionally under-represented communities in conservation.

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Elizabeth Sorrell, Digital Communications Manager, National Audubon Society

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