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SXSW Interactive 2013

Startup Growth: Going from 4 to 68 in 365

Puberty. That cringe-inducing experience remembered with fondness: bad skin, worse haircuts, and clothes that don’t quite fit. It’s unavoidable, we’ve all gone through it, and startups are no exception. Like those moody adolescents, young startups developing rapidly in size and scale are also faced with growing pains. So what exactly are the battles, and how have founders faced the organizational and technical demands of accelerated growth?

Neil Capel, founder & CEO of Sailthru, a NY based startup and behavioral targeting platform that has gone from 4 to 68 employees in the course of a year, leads the discussion joined by his technical co-founder, Ian White. Hear all about the gory details of scaling with Mongo, working with AWS, and implementing organizational structure in a company built by developers.

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  1. What were the most challenging aspects of overall organizational growth?
  2. What were the technical demands placed on your systems & servers as demand for your product increased?
  3. What were the difficulties of each stage - growing your team from employee #4 to employee #14? 14-40? 40+?
  4. What were the missteps you took that founders & CEOs should avoid as they scale?
  5. What were the key things you implemented to maintain company culture?



Rachel Lin, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Sailthru

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