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From Vision to Business Model to Brand

Whether you have a new business idea to launch, or an existing business that needs to redefine its vision and brand for future growth, this workshop will provide hands-on tools to map your vision and your business model, get to know your customers more intimately and define your brand strategy to ensure those customers buy in to your vision.
Entrepreneur and Founder of The Village Agency, Justine Bloome facilitates this workshop in partnership with Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc. Together Patrick and Justine lead participants from purpose-led business idea, through business modelling insights, customer persona mapping and into a framework for brand strategy that will fast-track your pathway from idea to launch, using visual tools and design thinking techniques.
During the workshop, you’ll have time to collaborate with and be exposed to other start-ups and entrepreneurs, and fast pitch your outcomes to fellow workshoppers for live feedback.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. What is the vision for your business? The Vision Canvas will be used to map out your vision for your business.
  2. What is the important job you get done for customers? Create a map of the value you create for your customer using The Value Proposition Canvas
  3. Do you really know your customer? Get out of the building and talk to them to test your assumptions. Then build Customer Personas to guide your business decisions and brand strategy.
  4. If your business or brand disappeared tomorrow, would customers miss you? Why getting to know your customers more intimately is the only way to fast-track relevance and strengthen your relationships with them.
  5.  “Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what they say it is” - if Marty Neumeier is right, what can I do to shape what your customers will say about you?  Use a framework for aligning vision, customer and brand strategy to give you your best shot.



Justine Bloome, Brand Strategist & Entrepreneur, The Village Agency

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