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Designing Habits: From Big Data To Small Changes


We all know there are vast amounts of data about our lives - our spending, our browsing, our activity - being collected daily. With the recent explosion in inexpensive sensors and self-tracking apps, we can capture new insights in personal health and activity data. However, the data is only truly valuable if it can be turned into positive behavior change. A panel of leaders in venture capital, health technology and the research world, discuss the key enablers to tackling this challenge: the use of visualization to make volumes of data easily understandable to the average consumer, leveraging gamification and social mechanics to keep users engaged, and the science of habit design to actually create behavior change. The panel will be moderated by Michael Copeland, Senior Editor at Wired, who has a particular interest in Big Data and the implications for entrepreneurs and consumers.

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  1. Where does all the data come from and how will it increase even more? Is Big Data the goal - or a means to an end?
  2. How do you get consumers to engage with data to create small steps toward behavior change?
  3. How much is dependent on the visualization of the data vs other mechanics like gamification or socialization?
  4. Do consumers want to change their behavior? Will consumers follow-through?
  5. What are the paths or verticals to leverage all of this data into new business opportunities?



Damon Miller, Director of Marketing, Basis

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